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Student Calendar Planner Template
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What is The Main Function

The student calendar planner is the excel template for assign the to do list and notes for students, mainly assignment. Even through the name is student calendar planner template, it's actually can be used for everyone including teacher, worker, or even for project planner. The student calendar planner has 12 sheets for each month. To getting started, first fill the calendar year. The rest of calendar in all sheets will change following the year.

How to Use

The top preview is the picture of the calendar in the month. The highlighted days meaning that there is an assignment(s) in that day. To look and add the assignments, see the Assignment fields (in picture below). The Assignments field are organized in weekdays (Monday to Friday). If you want to add weekend days, you have to add it manually. If you willing to modify the student calendar excel, you can add checklist into the assignments. If you want to add checklist into student calendar planner, the first thing to do is open the developer tab. If you don't know where it is, click File > Options (for 2016 version). Then, choose Customize Ribbon tab. Check the Developer tab before you click OK. After the developer tabs appear, choose Developer > Insert > Checkbox. The checkbox will appear, adjust it as you wish.

The Features

The first feature is, on the left field, you can easily input the date, then the assignment description at the following field. The student calendar planner is not perfect. Since there is no validation, you have to be careful in input the date. If the date is invalid, the highlight in calendar will not appear. If you wrongly put the date with the day, there is no error warning so it will remain there. If you have weekly schedule in weekends, you can insert new columns for Saturday and Sunday. The weekly schedule consists of 2 columns, the top for time while the bottom for the schedule name. The filled field will automatically be highlighted. The weekly schedule is designed to follow the student class schedule by the time. If you use the student calendar planner as non-student, you can adjust your activities or events to the time tables. You may add new rows to extend the time range in the student calendar. Please note that the schedule will not automatically copied into next month, so if you really need it, you have to manually add it.

The last feature is you can generate and print the student report. You can modify and design the report to hang it at the fridge door. Additional notes, be careful in deleting one of the month sheet in excel calendar. It may affect the other sheets, so it be best if you just leave the unwanted month and fill the data in desired month.


The student calendar planner is multifunction. Aside for daily schedule, you can set is as planning schedule in project in team or for personal project (like diet project). You can download the free student calendar planner at Let's get started to add your schedule and to do list into student calendar planner.

Free Printable Student Calendar Planner Template in Excel Tutorial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which MS Excel version work with this template?

This template will work optimally on microsoft excel version 2013, 2016 and the latest 2019 version. You can use the older version but it may caused bug or error.

How to Modify this Excel Template?

You can modify it as you wish to fit your needs. It may requires advanced knowledge in MS Excel depend on what kind of modification you wish.

If you need help for excel program template modification service, dont hesitate to Contact Us, we accept all kinds of modification (minor and major modification) in a very affordable price.

Download Student Calendar Planner Template. This Student Calendar Planner Template is for microsoft office Excel 2016 so you can have it under xls xlx or xltx extension. Student Calendar Planner Template for ms excel file size is 81.73 kb.
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Excel dashboard templates of Student Calendar Planner Template. This excel dashboard template was created on 2017-06-07 13:05:07. Open this dashboard templates using Excel 2016 Microsoft office software. The Excel 2016 excel dashboard templates size is 81.73 kb.

Free Download Student Calendar Planner Template

Excel Dashboard Student Calendar Planner Template Templates

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