Microsoft Excel Sales Report Template Tutorial

The excel sales report is an excel template for recording the sales transactions and generating the report. The excel sales report can be used for any type of industry started from small manufacture, retail, to service company.


There are only 3 sheets in the sales report software. To get started, visit the Data List sheet first. You can see the Data List preview in the picture below.


Excel Sales Report


It is the master menu to add the product and customers. To add the records, just type them in the new rows. Please note that the list is not meaning that one product is just for one customer (e.g. The Product 1 only sold for Datum Corp). It is actually 2 separated list in one sheet.




The Data Input is where you add the transacation records in excel sales report, previewed in the picture below. To add new record, first drag the small icon in the #1 red circle to the next rows. If you donít, the drop down menu will not available into the next rows.


Excel Sales Report Software


The fields on projected sales report include the fields: Date, Product and Customer (Note: that the Product and Customer is separated list in one sheet), the total amounts of that day, and the quarter period of sales transaction. The 2 right columns are for filter view. You can see the filter view by the small drop down menu at the column header. Or, you can filter as well sorting the transactions by click the small drop down menu at each header row. You can turn the sheet into weekly sales report template excel by sorting the date to newest date. If you change the data in Data List menu, you may realize that the value in this sheet will not automatically changed. You have to change it manually. You can go to Data > Refresh (#2) to look at the mark (#3) on the changed records.



The free monthly sales report template will preview the reports based on year and quarter with automatic calculation in each quarters and grand totals. It is only previewing the records, so no transactions here. However, you can change the filter preview.


Projected Sales Report


First, select the year and quarter by clicking the drop down filter menu (in the red circle). Then, the filter for product and customer.If you made any change in the Data Input excel sales report, the Report will not automatically changing. Like previous menu, you have to click Data > Refresh all to see all the changes. It is applied to all filters in report.



Additionally, you can add or make diagram or charts for creating sales pipeline report. You can customize excel sales report to comply with the business needs. Things that need to be remember, the excel template is mean for recording overview of the sales, not with detailed records like price per unit or quantity. So, it is best to combine the usage of excel sales report software with another applications for the details.