Daily and Weekly To Do List Template Excel

Check the To Do List Template Excel. It can help you in managing your daily activity. Since the free to do list in Excel and has no alarm reminder, it is best to make it as check list. The main purpose is to use it as team to do list. You can make it as personal habit tracker, but you may have to do some customization and enhancement in to do list sheet.

When you open the To Do List template excel, you will see 2 sheets or menu. To get started, follow the instruction and the pictures below.

1. Click the Setup or Assignment Sheet first, marked in red circle.


To Do List Template Excel


2. In assignment field, add whoever responsible for the activity or task in the field (marked with red square). Additionally, you can add their position in the project.


Daily To Do List Template Excel


3. Go back to the To Do List by click the To Do List menu marked in red circle.
4. Back to the To Do List, input the task in Description field, the due date, Priority, and Assigned Person.
5. To check the finished task, double click the check field (marked with green rectangle in the first picture).
6. To filter only the finished or unfinished task, click the small icon beside the Done field, marked with red circle. Uncheck the '1' checkbox (marked with arrow) for show the unfinished task, while '(Blanks)' for the finished one.


Weekly To Do List Template Excel


The To Do List software can be directly printed with the data. You can hang the printed version in somewhere that everybody may see like fridge or bulletin board. To convert it into online To Do List, you can collaborate the excel template with another drive program such as Polaris Office or Google Drive. You use the To Do List template excel for project team or team assignment, household chores, or personal habit tracker in daily to weekly calendar To Do List or monthly.

To turn the To Do list template excel into a personal habit tracker program:
1. First you can customize the Assignment sheet into Habit List.
2. To make a drop-down list to the Description field, select the column fields (A). Then click Data > Data Validation (B). In the dialog box, set Allow to List (C). Then, click the small icon (marked by arrow) to select the option list (D).


Cute To Do List Template


3. Change the Assigned To column into interval field: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly with Data validation method. Except in the Source (D), type the mentioned interval instead clicking the small icon. Use comma to separate.
4. Make sure the Due Date column is complied with the interval.
5. Lastly, choose to delete or use the Priority field.
6. Your habit tracker to do list program is done! To make it more precise, you can add chart or success rate with CountIF formula.

The To Do List template excel can be used ranged from an individual, to family house task into small project or company. Feel free to modify the To Do list, for example like the Personal Habit Tracker like above. Lastly, you can download the To Do List template excel in excelhawk.com.