Profit Loss Statement Template in Excel Form

The profit loss statement template is purposed to help the small business in seeing the overview of their earnings and spendings. The profit loss spreadsheet can help in determining whether the company gain profit or loss, as well helping in observing the company's cash flow. In profit loss statement template, there are 3 related sheets. To getting started, first change the Company Name field, Interval Period and the Period Date Started field.

The first sheets is for recording the earnings and revenue during the period. It actually provide 12 months fields of blank profit loss statement. However we cut some of them to reduce the pictures size (including the rest of pictures). The profit loss statement example can be seen in below pictures.


Personal Profit Loss Statement Template Excel


The usage of profit loss template is simple. First, type the revenue name or type in the Revenue column. Then, input the amount of the earnings in one of provided field and the index field in the profit loss form. The Index field is the template field in case if you want to add interest rate, stock rate, or other type of rate percentage. If you not, then feel free to delete or ignore the Index field. Add new rows for another revenue. The profit loss statement template will automatically calculate the earning percentage in that month or overall year, as well the total sales. In the Trend column, you can see the small charts about the profit or loss.

The Cost sheet is meant for recording the cost of the sold items. The Company field and Period will be changed automatically following the previous sheet. The stated cost could be the cost of manufacture or product shipping cost. The instruction of using this sheet is same like previous sheet. Additionally, in the bottom of the sheet, you can see a row for gross profits.


Personal Profit Loss Statement Template Excel


If the profit loss statement template is used for business with service type (earnings for service, without selling goods involvement), then you can skip and clear the fields or delete this sheet. However, in deleting the sheet, it may affect the calculation in next sheets.

The last sheet is for recording the expenses during the producing or distributing the sold items, as well the operational expenses.


Personal Profit Loss Statement Template Excel


The Net Profit in this sheet is the earnings before interest and tax (EBIT). If you want to add the EBIT, you have to create a new row and fill the formula for EAT (Earning After Tax). For the service type company, you have to change the formula for the Net Profit if you delete the Cost sheet. You can modify or edit the free profit loss statement template for your own needs.

Aside for company, the template can be used as personal profit loss statement template. The usage is same, with Revenue as earnings, Costs as producing cost (if you're self-employee), and Expenses for daily spending. The profit loss statement template can be printed as report too. You can download the profit loss statement template for free at